Welcome to Zobeland

Colin Goode finds himself transported to another universe - Zobeland - as a result of a combination of dodgy electrical equipment and flatulence. Two rival Zobelander factions believe he is the key to controlling both their universe and ours. Whom can Colin trust and dare he ever break wind again? All the answers are in Colin goes to Zobeland, by Alex Annesty.

Here you can:

  • Read extracts from the novel as it's being written
  • Find out a bit about the story and Alex Annesty
  • Ask questions and/or submit feedback on this site, the story, or anything else to do with Zobeland
  • Contribute to crowd funding to help support the completion of the story (coming soon)

The purpose of this web site is to promote Colin goes to Zobeland and help it on its way to completion and publication. If you enjoy what you read here, please spread the word.

Read Colin goes to Zobeland here

You can find out about Alex Annesty's other activities at the Alex Annesty website.

I write factual pieces under my real name, Phil Chapman. You can find out more about this work at Phil Chapman online.

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